I'm glad you stopped by and hopefully you are as passionate about the sport of triathlon as I am! My website for triathletes is focused on triathlon training and coaching services to help any athlete achieve their goals. From beginner, collegiate, or elite triathletes, let Trimble Triathlon help you understand your body and how to complete or compete in all multisport distances from sprint, Olympic/international, half Ironman, or full Ironman. There is no better time than now to start living a health active lifestyle with the sport of triathlon.
Anthony Trimble, is an USA Triathlon Level I Certified Coach. My coaching services are based in Centerville, OH. Centerville is located in Southwestern Ohio and is just south of Dayton. My coaching philosophy is that every athlete is unique and every plan I develop is specifically designed for the individual athlete. I provide a wide range of coaching and training services from an initial athlete evaluation to full year personalized training plans with in person coaching.

Triathletes are a social group so connect, like, or view some of my favorite social media networking sites. You can find great research information or extend your triathlon network. I've learned a lot about the sport of triathlon through friends, family, and team members.
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